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To Obtain An Activation Key For
Your Software


1. Complete The Form Below And Hit Send When Complete

2. The Registration Number Has already been copied to your clipboard for you All you have to do is click in the second blank box below and use the paste command to place the code into the box.

4. The key will be emailed to you during our next key generation session.

Keys are generated once a day so please be patient and do not submit the same code multiple times.

5. Read the Installation And Activation Guide for specific instructions.

6. DO NOT submit this form more than once for the same activation code.

7. Your name and email MUST be the same that was used to purchase the product. (Other Name and Email can be supplied in the appropriate field).

If you are not the original purchaser then click here...

8. If you do not receive the key file after 24 hours, then check your spam folder or make sure your email server will let attachments through.

9. When you receive the key, open the program, hit the "Step 3" button and navigate to the key's location to select it for importing.

Plugins DO NOT Require Registration.